The Orfy Compact Archiving System, distinguished by a design that emphasizes respect and durability, consists of a series of cabinets that move on specially prepared blade rails, separating and approaching each other with the movement of wheels.

Compared to traditional archiving systems, the Compact Archive System provides significant space savings in archive areas. To move the cabinets, simply rotating the wheel attached to the external surface is sufficient. Through the central locking system, the compact archive ensures the locking of all cabinets. The flexible rubber strips between the cabinets prevent files from getting dusty.

We have produced a wood-paneled compact archive system for use in offices, contributing to the organization of your workspace. Compact Archive Systems that bring order to your workspaces now promise elegance with the slogan!

Rotating the wheel attached to the cabinets’ external surface is sufficient to move them. The compact system is locked with a central key. Rubber strips between the cabinets are used to prevent file dusting and reduce noise when cabinets collide.

It is manufactured from A1 quality steel, shaped and welded as a construction. The vertical parts that serve as the main support for the external frame of the car are made of 2 mm thick sheet metal. Rubber strips are used between the cabinets to prevent file dusting and reduce noise when cabinets collide.

There is a safety mechanism that prevents the car from derailing during use. The rails are made of specially prepared blade lamellas with dimensions of 50×16 mm.


Our products are under the company’s guarantee for a period of 2 years. They are certified by TSEK. Our company holds the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate covering compact cabinet design and manufacturing.


The transportation and assembly of the system are carried out by our company. The system is delivered to the user in working condition as a turnkey solution.