Orçelik Office Furniture Machine Industry and Trade Inc., benefiting from the extensive experience in the industry, Orfis stands out with its modern design and prioritizes comfort with ergonomic office furniture production. For Orfis, ensuring customer satisfaction and producing unique furniture designed with passion form the foundation of our vision, which we always prioritize and hold in high regard.

The business world is rapidly changing and evolving. To keep up with this change, we always strive to perform our work with quality and professionalism. We believe that selecting the qualified and right human resources to bring our work to the best point is the key to our success and an integral part of our existence.

We consider everyone we collaborate with and who contributes to our vision as part of the Orfis family. Collaboration and sincerity are indispensable for us. Therefore, we support education, development, and learning processes because we know that knowledge and skills are the needs of each of our employees; they are always valuable and a priority.

We keep our organization constantly updated and ready for change because we believe that success is achieved through adaptability and flexibility.

We also do not forget our social responsibility. By implementing our environmental policies, we see contributing to a sustainable future as one of the most important dynamics of our mission.

Finally, we continue to strive for continuous improvement with our commitment to the quality management system. With all these values and approaches, we maintain our commitment to providing better service to our customers and employees as Orfis.