Its geometric patterns, hard and modern design are inspired by the cracks in the glaciers. Its thick body with drawers allows it to remain strong despite its footless form.

Table drawers have soft closing mechanism, and  self-handles.
Cabinet doors and lapels are jointed, lacquered, have soft closing mechanism  and special handles.

Designer : Hüseyin Solakoğlu

(TR) Ahşap Renk Kartelası

  • ANTİK DARK Antik Dark
  • ANTRASİT Antrasit
  • BEYAZ Beyaz
  • PATİK Patik
  • REBAB Rebab
  • SAFİR MEŞE Safir Meşe
  • SİYAH Siyah
  • TEAK Teak
  • venezia Venezia
  • mat stone grş Mat Stone Gri

(TR) Ayak Renk Kartelası

  • ANTRASİT Antrasit
  • BEYAZ Beyaz
  • SİYAH Siyah
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Keops Table

Product Code Width Depth Height
A01KE201 200 cm 90 cm 75 cm
A01KE221 220 cm 90 cm 75 cm

Keops Cabinet

Product Code Width Depth Height
A02KE220 220 cm 42 cm 87 cm

Keops Coffee Table

Product Code Width Depth Height
A05KE080 80 cm 50 cm 45 cm