Free-spirited Y generation loves open plan office.

The change of generations leads to new trends in office environments and changes in business models in all sectors. The generation Y, which is well adapted to the business world, has become increasingly influential in decisions about where and how the work will be performed. So why is this generation that is emancipatory, innovative, havingRead More

Create space for your hobbies with workstations.

The change in office trends and designs in recent years directly affects the design of office furniture. The clearest example of this is the fact that functional designs that meet modern needs and facilitate everyday life are becoming more common in offices, rather than the classic office furniture that restricts mobility. Functional furniture, such asRead More

New breath into offices, vertical gardens.

Vertical construction is one of the concepts we’ve been hearing a lot lately. The huge multi-company plazas, which have become a favorite of business life, especially in mega cities, contain significant psychological and physiological threats in terms of minimizing personal space and breaking our last ties with nature, no matter how convenient they are inRead More