Free-spirited Y generation loves open plan office.

The change of generations leads to new trends in office environments and changes in business models in all sectors. The generation Y, which is well adapted to the business world, has become increasingly influential in decisions about where and how the work will be performed. So why is this generation that is emancipatory, innovative, having high communication needs and eager to change,  is in favor of shared offices?

Open plan offices, open ideas.

Open plan  offices, where hierarchy is less effective and are enabling more teamwork, increase productivity by creating a business world where everyone from the trainee to the director can clearly share their ideas.

Open plan offices having large common work areas for teamwork and fun common areas for socializing are designed inspired by the the idea of a campus. The motivation in working environments is increased with modern designs, artworks and technological decorations. Of course, the needs of employees are not the only reason for the fact that many corporate companies prefer open offices. These offices, free of walls obstructing the communication, serve as incubators for profitable and creative ideas pursued by entrepreneurs. For this reason, companies that want to invest in the future take into account the  demends of generation Y.